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We wake up in the morning. We do our daily routine. We meet new people. We become close with them. We get used to their presence, chuckles or silly jokes. We enjoy all of the moments together. But, we don’t expect a goodbye just like we didn’t expect our encounter with them. 

You might knew them for only four months. Four months seems to be a tiny spoon of your whole blueberry pie. However, if there’s no part of that tiny spoon, yours would not be a whole blueberry pie.
People come and go. Most of the case, you will never know when you have to say goodbye. All of sudden you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your best friend got a job offer outside the country, then you send him/her off at the airport. The worst part is when you cannot meet them anymore.

You started to wonder that it would be better if you knew the future, you knew the exact time you need to say goodbye.
You tried to remember what you guys did the last time before he/she left. You’d never expected that it would be the last time you saw them, at least in 3 or 5 years. You regretted it because you guys were in a quarrel or tense argument.
If you knew that it would be the last time, you would have handled your emotion better. You would have bought them drink and laughed together instead of fighting. Or you would have said proper goodbye.
To put it in simple, you regret it.
That’s normal. That’s humane. People regret the things they did not do.

You thought it would be better if you know when to say goodbye. Me too. Well, i used to. Not anymore.

During my four months stay in Seoul, I met a lot of nice people. I met a lot of them, even from the other side of the world like Europe and America. We become good friends, strolling pals or eating buddies. Time flies and now I only have like 12 days with them.
You might think that I am exaggerating. It’s not that we would be died soon because of deathly diseases. (MERS virus please stay away from us).

It’s just.. 13 days from now we’ll go back to your real life, your daily routine. We’ll be thousand miles apart and daylight different. To those who live in Asia, I can visit them easily since it’s nearby Indonesia.
But, those who live in the Europe or America which took them more than one day flight to Korea.. I don’t know when will I meet them again. I don’t think I will visit that country in the next 5 years.

I thought that it would be better if people knew when to say goodbye. In fact, it feels more overwhelming, bitter and sorrowful when you do know you have to say that word really soon.
It’s like, there’s a voice on my head which keeps reminding me this “You only have 12 days left with them” when I talk, share stupid jokes or eat with them. Then, my heart’d say “Oh Crap. I thought I still have a month”. 
Oh well, wake up from your dream,girl! You only have 12 sleeps left in Sogang!

I want to spend the rest of the time left that we have by doing super fun things together. I just want to make tons of special memories for us to remember. In the future, I don’t want to regret the things I did not do.
I prefer.. Ten or twenty years from now we’ll talk about all those lemon soju nights and deny “No no.. I wasn’t drunk. You were!!” while laughing and flashback-ing to those *ipsy nights in Seoul.

Let’s say.. If you knew you should say goodbye soon, what’d be the thing you want to do the most with those people?

To all Exchange Students in Sogang,

I might not know all of you guys.
I might not spend much time with some of yous. However, I am glad that we’ve crossed each other’s path.
Thanks for making my time in Seoul as one of the best part of my boring life.lol. Thanks to my beloved eating buddy, cooking team, dance team, teammate and everyone of you. Let’s meet again in the future, in Philippine, Japan, France, Canada, anywhere or maybe in Indonesia?
Let’s make the best out of the remaining time we have.
J’taime, Saranghae!!!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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