Wealth Wisdom: Redefining The Essence of Being Wealthy - Pamela Kahar
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Wealth Wisdom: Redefining The Essence of Being Wealthy

Let’s say numbers. 
Back when we’re kids, we use numbers to learn how to count. To count how many candies that we have in our pocket, to count how many days more before the long holidays, etc. Numbers have the ability to measure things, the tangible stuffs in our life. Numbers give us more meaningful explanation for some aspect in our life, from the economic growth of this country, the heart beat of human until the significance level of our regression model. In that context and other numerous contexts, numbers can give us satisfying answer of our questions. But, too many times we use numbers to value most of the things in our life, as if we forget the fact that numbers fail to give us the essence of intangible stuffs. In fact, numbers undervalue them. Let’s take wealth as an example. 
What do you think, Is wealth tangible or intangible stuff? 
If someone asked you this, “Have you lived a wealthy life?”, what would your answer be?
How are we going to answer that question? Are we going to count our monthly income, savings or our billion assets? 
If that’s the case, we truly miss the essence of being wealthy. 
“We aren’t truly wealthy until we have something that money can’t buy” 
This quote isn’t trying to be philosophical or wise. Perhaps, this quote does not help you to answer the question. For so many times we measure everything with numbers, at this time, let’s stop monetizing everything that we have in our life. Have you ever thought that maybe wealth is never meant to be measured with numbers aka money? Because, there are a lot of things in our life that’s too precious to be valued with materials. 
The essence of wealth lies in the wholeness of our family, happiness, health, experience, self contentment, relationship with God and the passion that keeps us thriving to pursue meaningful existence in our life. 
If that’s the real meaning of wealth, Is money the right measurement to value our wealth? 
I guess, there’s no righteous measurement of our wealth other than ourselves. We are the only one who can answer whether we are happy or not with our life, whether we are physically and psychologically healthy, whether we feel content with ourselves, etc. 
Starting with a piece of paper written with reflection of how our life have been, ends with the mission to serve bigger purpose of our life, we can live a wealthy life. 
That’s the wealth wisdom that I got from joining the largest Wholistic Wealth Conference in Indonesia, Wealth Wisdom 2016. 
credits to Gramedia Pustaka Utama
In case if you miss that even, have yourself enlightened with this book entitled Wealth Wisdom. I recommend you to read it. It can be your best partner to find the essence of wealth. 
That’s my understanding about Wealth Wisdom. What’s yours? Good luck in your journey of finding the essence of wealth. 
Let me close this post with one my favorite quotes from Robin Sharma, the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. 
The saddest part of life lies not in the act of dying, but in failing to truly live while we are a live. In the end, it’s not how much money we’ve accumulated. What truly matters most are the lives we have touched and the legacy that we have left. 
Pamela Kahar
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A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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