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Love and human are just inevitable.If both man and woman fall in love each other, it’s not odd that they will keep holding on to another. But, what about unrequited love or the one sided love?

All of you must have ever loved someone, or at least have crush
on somebody. Have you ever experienced struggling in one sided love? Hopefully, you have not.
But, if you have.. Which position were you, The one who’s loved or the one who loved someone?
If you haven’t, which one you prefer, to love or to be loved?

For those who’s loved: 
Mostly, people will think you are the villain.
People will keep (bold.italic.underline  KEEP. and keep means more than once, twice or thrice) bothering and asking you with their cynical look “Why don’t you want to be with him?” “He’s such a good guy.” “You two will make a good couple.” and another thing that will make you want to slap their
You don’t even need them to ask you.
To be honest, you must have asked that question waaayyy before they asked you so right?
Sometimes, you just want to shut their mouth
You might think, If fall in love with someone was so easy, you would not have been the ‘villain of the year’ and you would not have felt so guilty.

For those who love:
Mostly, people will think you are the victim of love.
People will keep telling you “What are you doing girl? He’s just not that into you”
“Move on dude. There are still a lot of girls out there.”
You wanted to answer “He/She’s one of kind. I want to fight for him/her. Slowly but sure, he/she will accept my love. Perhaps, he/she will change her mind.”
But instead of those words, only the sound of laughter came out from your mouth.

People might judge you as silly, stupid or chattel of love. The things that some people miss to notice is that.. You don’t need their pity.
You keep holding on him/her isn’t for nothing. It’s for yourself. Loving him/her makes you happy and content. Keep holding on to him/her reassure yourself that love is bigger than any pain you’ve bear in this unrequited love. Loving him/her is the reason to wake up everyday and learn how to be a better person.
The most important one, is that loving him/her is the thing which make you happiest than you’ve ever been.

People can judge. It’s their right. They have eyes, ears and mouth. But don’t let their judgment bias your decision.
If you can at least imagine that one day you might love him/her they way he/she does, learn to open your heart.
If you think there might be a chance for you, fight for him/her. Good luck 🙂

Loving someone means giving the chance for that one to hurt you. But, what if loving that one is actually worth it?

Readers, once again, which one you prefer, to love or to be loved? 
Feel free to share your answer, opinion or story on the comment box below.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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