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Our story is not the typical love story.
It cannot be counted as love story, either.
We weren’t each other childhood sweetheart. In fact, we have just known each other a month or two.
We are not the pairing people longing for. Instead, they would object if they could.
Because, we both are messed up.

That’s why I like you.

Our first meeting was not as sweet as Jane Austen’s novel would describe. ‘Us’ and ‘sweet’ will not stand in one sentence. ‘Us’ and ‘silly’ will do.

Like a long lost friend, we just felt clicked since the beginning.
We don’t try to impress each other. We put our mask off.
We talk about everything. We talk about why our previous relationship failed. I tell you the jerky ass part of myself when it comes to ‘guy’ thingy. You tell me why you don’t believe in a courtship. You got your points though.

You don’t try to fix me. I don’t try to fix you either. Because we know we’re just as messed up as our jokes. We know that we’re just going nuts when we keep doing that. So, we just go on with the flow.

You don’t try to make me happy. But, you lead me to the path where I can find my own happiness.

That’s why I like you

The last thing.. As much as I hate to admit these facts. I still like you.

I am not the girl who likes to fool herself. I hate hypocrisy. Me being honest, I start to realize why people say you are adorable. I start to think the dimple on your cheek is mesmerizing. I start getting nervous around you. I cannot look at your eyes longer than before. I realized that I like you more than I used to.
As much as I hate to admit those facts, I still did that though.
Should I end this?
Oh. Wait. We haven’t even started yet.
*fiction alert.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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