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For us..
There’s 50% chance that our relationship will work and 50% it will not work. 
If we tried then the relationship failed, we’d loose nothing (Well, maybe time..)
If we did not try at all, we’d loose the 50% chance that it might work out. 
We chose to believe in that 50% chance. Turns out that it works. 
Uhm sorry, I mean.. We make it works. 
He told me what he don’t like, what I did wrong, etc. I told him the same things. We both realize that we are not that blessed to have mind-reading skills. Instead of keep it inside and being mad at each other, we chose to speak up. We communicate what’s on our mind. 
Well, at least now, he thinks that woman is not that complicated and weird human being; and I think that man is not that dominant and selfish creature.

We are pretty much a speak-up person about anything. But not that three words eight letters. Rarely it’s literally mentioned.
It was more like “Put your seat belt on”, “Better to eat the medicine now, I don’t want to hear you sneeze all the time tomorrow, it’s quite”, “less caffeine please. you had enough already”. 
We heard all of those phrases as the same as “I love you”. Anyway, what are words if there’s no action after? Action speaks louder than words, remember. 

We might not know whether we are each other’s first priority or not. The most important part is we make time for each other. And we still have time for ourselves. We both know that there are a lot of other things that needs our time and mind beside this relationship. 
We don’t have to convince that we love each other. As long we have the feelings and the gut to stay in love, we know that we will keep on fighting for this.
Let’s not make things complicated. We’re mature enough for dramas. Say when we have something to say. Love more if you want to be loved more. It’s that simple.
I guess, this is how we date now.
When I remember the old days.. the beginning of us
Not many words were spoken. We’re just being honest to each other that we want to be together. As we believed that we’d fight for it, we gave ‘us’ a shot. Yes, it was that simple.
With us, it is always that simple
I guess, this is how we date now.

How about the future? We don’t know. Well, nobody knows. As long as we keep the promises to hold each other’s hand and pray, we won’t be afraid. We’re looking forward to our forever.
It is that simple. That’s how we date now.

Nope. It’s not about my story. It’s just a fiction.
And yeah.. Maybe you think “This is how we should date now” would be a better title for this post.
That relationship might seems to good to be true.
Maybe it seems perfect..
Until we experience it ourselves. Because things which work on other couples don’t always work on us. That’s the truth.

I believe that I don’t have to change the title. There’s no rule of how to date someone. There’s no best-selling book of ‘Dating 101’ or something to master the relationship.
It’s a matter of time. As we spend more time together with our loved one, we get to know each other better. We’ll know the do’s and don’ts in our relationship.
We won’t be expert about them. We will always have to learn about them. Because People change. They change, either we do. But, our love should not. 

This is how we should date now.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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