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As a human being, we often face tribulation or challenges. We go through the ups and down in life. Some of us have been through tough trials: demanding workload, low self esteem, adaptation with totally new environment, fight in friendship, even loneliness inside our heart. We’re trapped in the most tiring, burdensome and frustrating period in our life.

There was a times we thought the problems were too big that we are not able to go through that. There was a times we started doubting our capabilities whether we could finish all of the deadline or not. There was a times we wish time machines are real so that we just can skip this tribulation era. There was a time we want to give up…

As for me this year has been so overwhelming, the toughest year in my 18 years life. I encountered things i never experienced before: endless-devastating assignments/projects in university life, a major heartbreak, other activities that demands lot of my times and energy.
As always, His scriptures have been strengthening me. One phrase that i boldly rely on is “These too will pass”. Those words are not explicitly stated as one verse, yet there are a lot of verses talking about that. I found that this phrase is really encouraging. We should not be worry too much. All of those encroachment in life are only temporary. Slowly but sure all of the burden on our shoulder will be gone.

And now that we are only 7 days before the end of year 2013, we should be glad and proud to say “Yes, I’ve successfully passed all of the challenges in this year”

All of the problems will pass itself, but there are three things that we have to do and remind about:

1. Keep pushing ourselves
All of those circumstances in our life leave us only with two chances: striving or surrender. If we want to conquer all of those giants in front of us, we should not stop until it’s done. We will never know what’s our capability if we never actually test it, right? We will never know our limit if we never challenge ourselves. We have to be grateful, because of all the challenges we accomplished, we learn that actually we can do better than what we expect before.

2. God is always with us
God never gives His man problem which is bigger than their capabilities. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s an undeniable statement. As long as we are committed to give the best, He will do the rest. God’s grace is always sufficient for us, He will never leaves us. We just need to bring out all of our effort.

3. Everything has its time
There will be the time for us to reap what we sow. Often we question what’s the result after all of the things we gave up in order to finish the challenge in life. Often we feel the outcome is not satisfying enough or it’s not worth our efforts. It takes five year to grow strong bamboo shoots. It takes six hours every day to masters musical instrument. In short words, it takes time. Perhaps, if we achieve it now, we won’t appreciate it as much as what we will do later. Perhaps, we just have to hold on a bit longer. We will never know, but always believe He has made everything beautiful in His time.

It’s always been a relieves to remember about all the things we’ve done, all of the encroachment we have prevailed. Once we pass it, always keep in mind that it’s not because of our power, but it’s Him who keep filling our cup with His strength, blessings and anointing day by day.

Now, get ready for next year; get ready for bigger projects from Him. And yes, make sure the phrase “These too will pass” imprinted on the deepest of our heart.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone, Happy holiday and God Bless You 🙂
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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