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I have friends who know what they want to do; what they want to be in their life and what they should do to eventually reach that destination. They just seem not as lost as we are. All of us have friends like that, right? And we cannot stop to wonder how someone in our age can be so sure while our mind are fulled with contemplation.

What we have in common with that kind of people is that both of us want to succeed and both of us have dreams. It’s just they are probably more motivated than we are and braver than us to embrace their wild dream.

I believe that God gives us favor. A favor within our heart: we know what we want yet we are too afraid to admit that. There are lot of variables in this world that make us afraid. Maybe we think that dream is too big. Maybe we think that we can’t do it. or Maybe we think that it diverges so much from what we’ve been doing and learning all these time.

During my university life, I found some of my friends are trapped in the major that they’re studying. They are not interested about International Business. They entered this major because of their parents or they didn’t know other ‘promising’ major. In fact, they are very passionate in design or literature.

I still remember the way people asked me why I like writing. They’d stare at me with their “Seriously, Dude?” look. I was very anxious that I tried to divert the topic from my blog or writing passion to anything else. It was me back then. Then i think that writing might not be as cool as photography for them. But come on. Who cares? What we like has nothing to do with people’s opinion.

Will it be weird if someone’s graduated from Business School then pursue his career as a photographer, artist or designer? Well, as a fresh graduate, he’s supposed to start fresh right?

Talking about dreams and desires, I believe that all of us know what we actually want. In the deepest of our heart, there’s small voice whispering. We can decide whether we want to take the risk to follow that intuition or kill that voice. One thing for sure, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the wildest dream inside our heart. We just need to take a big leap of faith. Faith that we can eventually reach that dream. Faith that maybe God’s calling us for a different yet bigger purpose by cultivating that dream inside.

P.S: Don’t contemplate too much. Don’t wait until you’re 100% sure with what you want to do. Because we’ll never have that kind of certainty. We should draw in the process, write in the process and do in the process. Ariana Huffington, J.K Rowling, Bill Gates are just normal people like us who eat in cafe, sleep when they need to and contemplate when they are in doubt. They just have passed chapters in life that we haven’t. But soon we will also reach there. Best of luck, people!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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