The Art of Letting Go (Our Dreams) - Pamela Kahar
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The Art of Letting Go (Our Dreams)

Letting go hurts. Letting go is not easy. And I am sure it’s never meant to be easy. Because, letting go means you accept the fact that something is not going to be yours. And letting go means you have to forget about that something which is very meaningful for you.
As a dreamer (an achiever to be honest), I always make a list of all of those things that I want to achieve. Well, that’s how i manage to keep myself sane and work hard all the time, and recently, and you know that the word ‘recently’ is some period of time that has just happened, like a bread that is freshly baked from the oven, I have to let go of one of my dreams. The dream that I have been dreaming and been praying for years. What makes me even more bitter, heartbroken and sorrowful is the fact that that dream is so close to me, on my reach, but I couldn’t even move one step forward to embrace it and cross it out from my dream list.
I have been in a state of denial for more than 2 weeks. I was crying like crazy for the first one week. There was even a time that I woke up at the dawn, cried a river again remembering that I just missed the opportunity to reach my dream ached me more than I could ever imagine.

But, letting go is the only option that I have to survive. No matter how hard it is, all we can do is just to let go and move on, right?

We still have a life to fight for. We still have other dreams to be achieved.

I read somewhere “It is impossible to have a vision that is bigger than God’s plans for your life.”
God will always have a better plan for us, something that we never expect but will leave us in awe. Truth to be said, it’s very hard to truly walk that faith. The humane characteristics in us are somehow very strong that it’s difficult to accept that the dream which has longed in our heart since forever has gone with the wind. I was extremely disappointed, like, OMG that dream is right in front of me, but why ???

Now, the question is what we can do to at least, try to letting it go?

1. Start with the mindset
Let’s just think that that dream we had to let go might hinder us, or retard our process on reaching the ultimate goal of our life. Maybe, that path to that dream is not necessary to be get through. And we all want to be in the fastest track to achieve our ultimate goal, right?

2. Be still and rest.
Rest here does not mean that we watch Netflix (rewatching the Friends series, in my dictionary) all day long. But, it’s more into having a rest for a while from thinking about the thing that we have to achieve. Just take some time to appreciate the things we have right now. Shifting our focus from getting, to be still and wait for what God’s giving to us.

3. Embrace our place
Though everyday might feel like a battlefield, but we should try to embrace our place. And the sooner we embrace our place, the sooner God will bring us through it. Level up! He will eventually mark our journey in new place.

For you who is in the midst of letting go, I am wishing you a good luck. Hope we can get over it.
And for you who have passed this chapter of life, feel free to leave some comments and share your tips how you could get over it.
Have a nice day!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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