Long Distance Relationship Tips: A Must Read for LDR Survivor
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Long Distance Relationship is the main highlight of my love story. My first relationship was with my high school sweetheart. It ended after nearly 2 years (1 year of LDR). My second and current relationship is also a long distance one. Thank God it is still going strong after two years. I am not a relationship expert, but I am pretty confidence to speak up about

How to Survive in Long Distance Relationship (LDR):

  1. Accept the fact that He will not be there for you right at the moment.

Who doesn’t want to be consoled by your loved one right after something unpleasant happened? Distance, time differences, working hours’ discrepancies and whatsoever are the limitations here. Sometimes you just can’t call him/her after, you have to wait until his night shift ends. And the universe is not always on your side all the times, sometimes the internet connection sucks too (true story. Lol). Not to mention you won’t spend any date nights celebration until he come back home. At first it seems okay, but after sometimes it becomes tiring. Remember, we cannot blame that person. It’s either we want to accept this situation or not because it’s just the nature of long distance relationship.

  1. Nurture your relationship EVERY SINGLE DAY

I truly learn about this from my first long distance relationship. No matter how much you were head over heels with him/her at the beginning, if you don’t maintain the sparks, it will be gone without you even realize it. When we are in long distance relationship, your couple is not involved in your daily life. Then, how do you expect your couple to know or to understand your situation if you don’t tell them? OKAY. HE/ SHE IS NOT WITH YOU PHYSICALLY. It is your job to let him/ her know to make your couple stay relevant in your life. When you nurture your relationship every day, you will realize that

distance is just a distance because being close to your lover is never about proximity.

Maintain the little gestures that you do from the very first day of your relationship until now, because it matters A LOT.

  1. Be independent. Don’t centralize your life in your couple

There are some couples who make each other as the center of their life where they do almost everything together. It is not wrong, though I am opposed to that. What i learn from LDR is that you cannot rely on your couple. You are the source of your own happiness and your couple shouldn’t be the center of your relationship. Have life outside him. Be busy, Make the most of your time to develop yourself, so you won’t have time to think much about Him and the future of your relationship.

  1. Set your goals together

Having a shared vision and goals are very essentials for this relationship. It fuels your spirit to keep fighting for this. Most importantly, when things are getting harder, you won’t be easily give up because you know that all of those sacrifices made now are not for nothing. Indeed, it is for greater purposes in the future. Be positive that when things start getting harder, it means that the relationship has leveled up and ready to surpass another challenge.


Dear you: thanks for being the best LDR partner 🙂

  1. Pray without ceasing 

We have to learn to love that is deliberating not demanding. Maintaining long distance relationship itself is not easy, don’t be a demanding partner that makes the situation even worse. Ask God to strengthen us so we can through this relationship. Pray to God that if He/ She is The One, He/She will be.

As i read this again, those tips are also applicable for non long distance relationship. Best of luck to all of us 🙂



Pamela Kahar
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