Stay (on LDR) - Pamela Kahar
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Stay (on LDR)

Listening to that same song on weekend. Scrolling through the old pictures. Exchanging virtual kisses through our smartphone every time we get the chance to do face time. Sharing what we’ve been through today online till we fall asleep. Pretty much those sum up what i do with my Long Distance Relationship (LDR). It seems like, LDR has truly brought my cheesiness level to the next level.

However, as you have already known LDR is not just about those sweet or corny moments. It has so much more to tell. It’s definitely difficult. But, i am not going to share you that. Because for me, those difficulties have not exceeded my level of tolerance (as if i have one, lol)

Some of my friends asked me, why do i stay in this kind of relationship, where i barely see him, where i can meet him only every 4 months (now is even worse, 1 year). Some said what’s the point of being in a relationship with someone that i could not ask his help if i had an emergency situation. Some people asked whether i feel desperate or lonely in LDR.

I asked my self. Why do I stay in this relationship? Do i feel lonely?

The truth is. Nope, i don’t. I don’t feel lonely.
Me being in a relationship is not to find someone that can fill my void or accompany me anywhere and anytime.

Though he calls me at 3 or 4 am just to say that he’s done with his job and i didn’t even remember what we talked about after because i was sleepy, it’s okay for me.
Though i cannot spontaneously said what just happened to me, because we have different time zone.
Though i really want to see him in person not just through pictures or face time.

There might be several ‘though’; but that’s not the point.

With him thousand miles apart, i could still feel that he’s doing his best to spare his time for me. And We still manage to provide time for each other.

If the distance doesn’t make us love any less, why should i bother the distance and time difference?
If my grateful for this relationship list matters much more than the difficulties, why should i even complain?

Most importantly, despite all of those things, the reason why i stay is because i want to. I want to stay.

What about you? I guess love itself is not enough when you are in LDR. Willingness to do this LDR does matter. Even if we love that person that much, but we don’t want to commit in long distance relationship, our relationship won’t work. Because, all we’d do are just complaining and whining why we have to be in this kind of relationship.

Do we really want to go through this process? That’s the question that only ourselves can answer.

As i am writing this post, i think LDR is not more difficult than others. Distance is just one thing. I do believe that every relationship has its own challenges. And those challenges are there to mold the relationship to be a stronger bond between the lovers. It’s the test that couples have to pass before moving to the next stage.

Always remember the reason why you stay.
Keep praying to God what’s the best for us and our loved one. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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