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“Woaa, it must be so nice to have a sister”. “you’re so lucky, i wish i had a sister too”.
Well, all of those quotations are often heard by someone who has brother or sister, just like me. A lot of my friends said those kind of things to me. After saying that, they will continue with mentioning happy stuff you can do with your sisters like: go shopping together, hang out, do some make up tutorials, or borrow your sister’s closet.

Am i lucky? Yes i am. I am lucky not because i can borrow their closets. I am not lucky because i have friends to go shopping. I am not lucky because of those thoughts i mentioned above. Yet, i am lucky because i have sisters to share everything in my life. In our childhood days, we often got in a fight, pulled each other hair. we fought for something which was not really important. How stupid we are! As time goes by, as we grow older, those pulling hair thingy change into a heart-to-heart talk about the future, education, family and love life.

For me, having two older sisters are like having another two moms. Seriously, i am not joking here. I ever mad at them because they kept treating me like a kid. Yet, later on i realized why, they did that cause they care to me too much. The best thing is that, i learnt a lot from them. They are six and three years older than me, they are more mature. They taught me something i would not get from any schools in this world. They are the best friend no one else will have. In short word, i just be grateful for having them in my life

I looked at the picture of three of us. Looking at the old pictures has always been my favorite things to do, especially when i have so much leisure time. Such a walk down to memory lane. That picture was taken, maybe 14 years ago. We were eating watermelon with smile curved on our mouth. We were wearing exactly the same clothes and sitting next to each other.

It was fourteen years ago. Time does fly so fast! Our sisterhood is also aging with times. It’s aging perfectly. We may no longer wearing twins dresses or match stuffs, yet we love each other more 🙂 We haven’t taken our latest picture together yet. Just let me describe it with words. My oldest sister is now a happy interior designer waiting for her first daughter. Then, my second sister is a young doctor. And me? I am a university student, International Business Management major.

Whoever made the quote “Sister knows best” is genius! Love your sisters, brothers, family cause they are the most wonderful gift God send in your life :):)

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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