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“She is clothed with strength and dignity, without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31 :25

That one is my favorite verse describing Proverbs 31 Woman. Who doesn’t know her? The bible dedicated one chapter to describe this radiant woman. Christian virtue portrays her as someone that we women all over the world should look up to. She is perfect. It’s not because of her appearance, but the beauty inside her glows enlightening her surroundings.

The question is how, How can we look up to her? She is too good to be true, isn’t she?

Firstly, we should not be intimidated by her, instead we should be inspired.

What if I told you that we are, the modern day of proverbs 31 woman?

Would you think I am crazy? Chances are high that you think I am.

But, as we think about it again, Proverbs 31 woman were as busy as we are now. They did struggle to juggle all of those ball on top of her head, just like us. The difference is, she has passed the season of life that we are currently facing right now: the struggle of having the balanced life. The parade of wanting to do a lot of things with limited amount of time, etc. The bible didn’t highlight that part though, but I am sure they were struggling to excel in a lot of areas in life too, at the beginning.

We can go through the struggle too. We can have the balanced life, we can have it all, but not all at once.

Here are the little tips i got from JPCC – Treasure Woman Meet Up:

  1. Not everything is important

Most of us always think that everything is important or it has to be done ASAP. Not everything deserves our attention. We gotta be wiser to choose which one we don’t have to think too much about. Be wise, otherwise World’s expectation will matters more than God’s desire.

  1. Know your season

We have always asked ourselves, what we really want to be or where do we want to be. However, we barely ask ourselves where we are right now.  Do we ask ourselves that question? Do you? I don’t. My focus is always to strive and achieve my dreams. But, asking what our current state is, helps us to know our season. It helps us to know what season we are in.

So, it’s better to ask these 3 questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • What is your role? Are you still single / married? Because every role demand different things.
  • What’s on your hand? What does God entrusted you?

We have to know our season. Understanding our season is important, so we know what our responsibility is. We wouldn’t even force ourselves to do everything all at once. Most importantly, we don’t feel intimidated by others. And we won’t feel the void inside our heart because we keep comparing why our progress is not accelerated like our friends’. We live in a different season with them.

  1. Have your ultimate goal

Why do we do what we do? Ask that questions five times, the 5 layered Why. Then, set our priority. Set 3 things out of all aspects of your life that you want to prioritize. Remember, not everything is important. Not all important things have to be on our plate right now. The best way to set our priority is based on what’s right to do, not based on what we like to do.

  1. Set our boundaries

Once we set our priorities, we have to set the boundaries. Boundaries are made to protect us, to keep our eyes focus to our priorities. We have to obey the boundaries that we have set. If we don’t, how can people respect the boundaries? Then, we have to rethink again when we whine more than we feel the joy.

In these days where society’s become our standard of living, where we feel that we lose our true selves, where our identity is intertwined with other people, always always and always drive our focus to Jesus. Always look up to Him. Because Jesus leads us into hope and teach us to grow in every season. 

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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