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I bet in 5 out of 7 itineraries, Nami Island’d be on the list of travel destinations when you visit South Korea, along with Jeju Island. What’s so special about Nami Island?
Honestly speaking, I didn’t know. This island became famous as Winter Sonata drama rose to fame.

One of my friend said that there’s no need to go there, it’s just an ordinary island where there’s Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo (heroine of Winter Sonata drama) holding each other tightly statue. Based on that comment you know that he’s a

Despite that comment, I went there last Saturday with my friends. I planned to go to Petite France too, since it’s near Nami Island. It took 1.5 hour to go to the Nami Island station. We wasted our time to have lunch there. (The food was a bit expensive since it’s a tourist attraction place. Prepare at least 9,000 Won). After that, we went by ferry to the island.

Nami Island is the prettiest during autumn. During Fall season you can see the leaves turning brown. They say the feeling of walking on the brownish falling leaves is fascinating.
Even though it’s spring, I got enough autumn feeling too: the leaves were red
I found small beach nearby. It was kinda windy. So, it’s really great if you want to get -natural hair advertisement photo shoot- alike

It’s super sunny and hot there. Don’t forget to bring your fancy sunglasses! We thought we’re not going to spend much time there, since there’s only trees and garden. We thought we would not took thaattt much pictures. Most of the time, reality is different that what we thought, right?
It’s like in every 20 steps we stopped walking and took pictures. In the end, we could not go to Petite France.








Here are the tips for you:
-Always always pay attention to the bus schedule. You need to wait for 1 hour if you miss the bus.


bus schedule

– If you want to visit both Nami Island and Petite France: take off from Seoul at 9.30. So that before 12 o’clock you’ll arrive at Nami Island. There are food restaurants inside the Island. You can also eat at Nami Station before you go with ferry.
Go back to the station before 2 (It takes only 7 minutes by ferry, yet the queue is somehow long). So you can depart to Petite France at 14.15
The last bus from Petite France to Gapyeong station is 17.50

– Wear comfortable shoes cause you’re going to walk a lot.
– Wear clothes that you look pretty for there are a lot of places to take picture.

How to get there: 
Go to Gapyeong station. Take the bus to Nami Island station. The shuttle bus area is right in front of the exit gate of the station.
If you want to continue your journey, take the bus to Petite France.
Admission fee to Nami is 8,000 won and 6,000 won to Petite France

Have a nice trip there! See you on another Sweet Escape.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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