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Yes, I do! I do miss Korean street snack. In almost every district that I visited, I always found street snack sellers. It’s like those food kept calling me to come closer to the stall. Once I came closer, I could not not buy one of them. After you read this post, tell me if you don’t have the temptation to try at least try one of them!

These are the top 10 Korean Street that you should try:
1. Tteokpokki

credits to

I never expected that I would love tteokpokki that much. Tteokpokki is made from rice. It’s usually cooked with hot red sauce. Tteokpokki itself is really chewy. I love the sensation of its chewiness with the spiciness of the sauce inside my mouth. Honestly, it’s not spicy for me though. However, most people find it spicy.

2. Twigim

 credits to Seoulistic


Twigim is fried Korean street snack. It has a lot of variety. Some people order twigim and put it on their tteokpokki (Me too!).

3. Ozzang

Ozzang is a skewered fried squid. You can find it at Hongdae and Sinchon. I really regret that I didn’t try this. I always postponed my plan to eat this street snack,”I’ll buy this next week”. Never did I think that I would eventually run out of that ‘next week’. For me, Ozzang is too big and expensive for one person.

4. Hotteok

If you have read my post about Busan trip, you probably had enough of Hotteok already. Hotteok is filled Korean pancake. This is my favorite street snack! You can’t compare Seoul Hotteok with Busan’s. They are in different league. Sorry, Seoul!

5. Odeng

Odeng is a fish cake. Honestly, I don’t know precisely what it is made from. It has soft texture. Moreover, you can get a cup of hot soup when you buy street snack. You will love Odeng even more during winter season. What’s better than a delicious snack and a hot soup in a super cold day?

6. Dakkochi


Ehmm. It’s more or less like Satay. However, they also add vegetable to the skewer. I like the spicy and barbecue seasoning of this skewer.

7. Chicken  Cup

I love chicken even more here in Korea. I usually bought this street snack near Ewha. Inside the cup there will be chopped chicken with sauce, tteokpokki and hash browned fried potato. You can also add mayonnaise and ketchup to your chicken!

8. Hottba

Hottba is a crab stick, sausage or even big tteokpokki covered with fish paste. It’s rolled in a thick wooden chopstick. You can also add mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup to it.

9. Tornado Potato


credits to bakingbite

It’s a fried spiral shaped potato in stick. Hmm.. Let’s just call it tornado The taste was delicious. I was more interested with the shape than the taste to be honest. You can try this at Myeongdong.

10. Sunde
This time, I need to be really objective. I never tried Sundae. I did not even regret it. I am not interested at all to try this street snack. However, people said that it’s really really delicious. Ehmmm.. Sundae is made from pig’s blood incestine. As much as i want to try something new in Korea, Sundae is obnoxious. I can’t imagine myself eating that.

I gained more or less 4 kilograms during my 4 months stay here. It’s a lot gain, considering that I did 4 times a week gym. Did i regret it? Not at all!
Forget your diet when you go there. Be a street food hunter for one day. I am sure that you will never regret it!

Jjongmal Gamsahabnida!! 

Sorry that I don’t use my own pictures for some of the food. I rarely took picture of the street snack. Moreover, I didn’t get the chance to try two of them.

Pamela Kahar
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