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I never ask for a Jobs 29 man, cause i am not yet a Proverbs 31 woman. In my childhood Days, i used to think about my Prince Charming. My imagination was a guy riding a white horse, come and ask me to happily live in his kingdom. A guy with bright smile and perfect personality. Then i would be his Princess, wearing classy ball-Gown everyday with tiara hanging on my head. It was just a naive thought from 5 years old girl.
Years later my potray of Prince Charming was not totally change, i was still hoping about finding the perfect partner for me. Yeah my ‘perfect’ was flawless, never demand me to do anything, never scold me, tolerate my fault, yield in every cat fight, calm me whenever i am mad, we would not get in a fight. Uh-oh, how selfish i was.

My hope is now totally change. I never think that way anymore, i mostly think about my future Mr.Right -the one whom i spend the redy of my life- Perfect man doesn’t mean that he is right for you. And talking about perfect ion is referred to Him. Perfect couple, perfect relationship do not ever exist. I dont ask about Prince Charming anymore, yet a guy who loves me the way i am, guy who never count what he has done for me, guy who always listen to my random words, guy who never get bored around me, guy whom i can rely on, guy who can protect me. Hmm.. And a guy who needs my support and prayers. So, i Will feel that he needs me.

See the reflection of myself, i know that i am obviously not a perfect woman, far from the perfect definition. I am a so sensitive person, my mood ups and down like riding a coaster. I sometimes act so childish, i don’t know why. I realize that it is not about finding a perfect partner, it is about being the right one for one you love. It is not how big your love in the beginning is that matter, it is how far you can go to maintain your relationship. The longer relationship are tied, the more fight you get into. Some couple lose their sparks, chemistry as the time goes by. Yet, a right couple knows that even if there is only  unseen madness sparks, they still can hold onto their relationship with anything lefts.

It is too soon to call him as my future husband. Yet i am hundred percent sure that he is my Mr.Right for now.  *and hopefully will always be. Amin* I had wrote about him few months ago.
Yesterday i was thinking about these 5 years we’ve been trough, i realized that a lot of things happened between us. The ups and down, the confessions, the re-union, everything. 5 years is not a short period of time. Yet, we still have long voyage to go. I have got a lot of things from our relationship, that changed me a lot. Absolutely, it did impact me to be a better one. My efforts and willingness to be a virtuous woman is also one of my tribute for you 🙂

Be with the one who influence good things for you.
Be with a man who is not intimidated with your power, yet with a man who supports you 🙂
Be with a guy who respects you, and have your  faith in him

You can write your own fairytale 🙂

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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