Let There Be Light - Pamela Kahar
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Let There Be Light

“What did I do wrong God?”
“Why should I experience this, Lord?”
I asked that question to God several times months ago. Remember I told you in my blog posts that I was currently facing overwhelming circumstances that challenged my faith and exhaust my emotion? Telling all of the details of that problem won’t be appropriate. But it got me to a point where I asked God what I did wrong until I deserved to face that tribulation.
I was like drowning in the ocean slowly but sure. I woke up with numb feelings, losing all of those spirits and excitement to work. I work, just ‘doing’ it without my heart in it. My vision was blurry. All I saw was just darkness surrounded me with only a glimpse of light. 
Have you ever experienced that situation? You feel me. I didn’t know what I could do to remedy the frustrating situation. However, I am grateful that God has always been guarding my heart. In that circumstance, my heart reminded me that these too shall pass as I relied everything on Him. I prayed with all of those tears and shattered heart that God will bring me the light soon. ASAP.
After nearly a season, 3.5 months to be exact, I can say that the storm has ended. The darkness has faded away because of the light. Had my circumstances changed? Is it getting better? I am not sure. But God truly teaches me something and I want to share it to you. 
It’s either God changes your circumstances or God changes your heart and soul when you face that problem.  If God doesn’t make your situation better, He will change your heart. Yours will be healed.
The more we focus on Him, the more we seek Him, the more we feel that we are nothing without Him. Nothing in this world is as sure as His love to us. And when our knees hit the ground, He lift us with hopes that everything will be fine. Cause He is in control.
Let there be light for you too, brothers and sisters in Christ. Whenever we are frustrated over a problem, take a deep breath first and think clearly. Don’t let us stress out of something which doesn’t deserve our attention. One of my more-than-just-a-mentor-but-a-sister told me this
“Life is a battlefield but not every battle is to be fought for.”
I just hope that we are not frustrated over something that is not worthy to be frustrated about. Trust God and chill. Fight over something if it is possible to be fought for. If it’s not, just leave it to God. God will bring the light Himself.
And about the title of this post, Let There Be Light, I got the inspiration from Hillsong Worship.
Music speaks. It surely does. Either it speaks to you or it speaks for you. Not every song has that magic, though. But some of them have that power. When you find that song which fits you perfectly, you just want to play it over and over again. No matter how many times you play that song, it just doesn’t get dull for you to listen. Or you can’t help take some lyric verses and post it to your social media.
For me that song is Let There Be Light the latest song from Hillsong Worship. I am not going to share the lyric even if I love that song a little bit too much. I just want to share my gratitude through this post.
There’s no darkness in Your Way
So Have Your Way
Lord Have Your Way 
Hillsong Worship
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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