LC for Lovely Charming - Pamela Kahar
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LC for Lovely Charming

Hello , this post is dedicated to my idol Lauren Conrad . Do you Remember about Laguna Beach? The MTV reality show about teenage life. That show was relatively success, then there was the spin-off called The Hills. I didn’t sure about the story, i only knew about her affair with Stephen Coletti. lols
From Laguna Beach and The Hills, i know about Kristen Cavallari, her ex- best friend, Lo Bosworth and also Heidi and Spencer. What did make the story interesting was the twist, and their lifestyle. The twist is not hyperbolic, we find it sometimes in our life too.

After the last episodes of The Hills, other stars might be fade away. But, it didn’t happen in LC. In 2009, she tried to make her own fashion line. And now, yeah, she is turning from the Reality show star to New York Time bestseller writter! So cool right. Her first LA Candy trilogy book was first published in June 2009, and later on became the NY Best seller. The book is like writting about herself though. It’s about a normal girl’s journey to be a star. She also write another genre of book like “Lauren Conrad Style” about her knowledge in fashion industry. And the latest book is The Fame Game, which i think it will be another bestseller book.

She is now expanding her clothing line, Paper Crown. I found her collection,Effortlessly gorgeous and stunning are words that can explain the style. I like Lauren’s style. She is such a fashion icon for me. Not so vintage and quirky. Her style is categorized normal haha .

Last but not least, her blonde hair is soooo ehemmmm..

What i adore from her are her passion in writting , she has succeded on proving to everyone that she is not only a stupid barbie doll but also have SOMETHING inside!

 And her attitude is also down to earth, doing some charity. I never heard about her partying till drop like other sociallite.

Wish you all the best LC ! Big hug from Surabaya

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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