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Obsessed by Korean Beauty?

You must heard about 10 Steps Korean Skin-care Routine.

That’s the secret of Song Hye Kyo’s and other Korean pretty faces out there’s glowing radiant skin. Korean skin-care routine is about layering. Yep, making your face as a layer cake while applying those products to your face. Rather than considering “Should I get BB glow treatment done on my face?”  you can start following the skin care routine. Well, instead of 10 steps I’ll share you my 5 Korean skin-care routine as well as the Holy Grail product I’ve been using. It works too!

The main reason why I don’t follow the 10 steps routine is because I don’t feel comfortable putting too much products on my face. I just feel so insecure about that. Thus, I tried my best to do some research which steps that is really necessary. Here are the 5 steps:

1.Make Up Remover/ Water Cleanser

I am not an avid make up user, so I barely use any make up remover. Instead I use a water cleanser. I’ve been using this Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water since 2 months. I don’t really like the smell, but the good side is it’s easy to pump the product out and it feels refreshing after wipe it out on your face.

2. Facial wash

They call it double cleansing method. After you wipe your face with cleanser, you have to double cleanse it with another product. I do this out of habit. Ever since I was in high school I always wash my face with facial foam. I love this Skinfood Egg Pore Foam. It claims to unclog your pore to prevent any blackhead.


3. Treatment

I use these 3 products interchangeably. For example, today i use exfoliator, the next day i might use sheet mask or toner. It will be T-E-T-T-S-T-T during the week.

a. Toner

Based on what I read on many blog post, we can use Son & Park Beauty Water as a toner. I really love this product. I love the scent, I love the “clean” feeling it left my face and I even love the packaging. Toner is needed to balance you skin pH after washing you face with facial foam.

b. Exfoliator.

I use this Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Mask as an exfoliator once in one/two weeks, because I am afraid that it might dry my skin as my skin can be sensitive some times. The main reason why we have to use exfoliator is to remove all of the dead skin on our face, so that our skin becomes brighter. Other than this product you can also try Black Sugar Mask from Skinfood. I’ve been listening to tons of positive review about that mask.

c. Sheet Mask 

To be honest, this is my favorite skin-care retreat. Because for me, it is not just a retreat for my face but also for my soul and mind. Put on the sheet mask on your face, then take a short 20 -25 naps while inhaling positive vibes and exhaling all of those negative thoughts on your mind. Voila! Mood boosted up high.

4. Essence / Serum

Essence, serum and ampoule are separated steps in 10 steps Korean Skin-care routine. I only pick one of them because they are actually the same but only have different concentration, with one is more lightweight than the other. you can read more here. I use serum as simple as because when i first use The Face Shop White Seed (It once was called Blanclouding), the serum came in a bundle with the Moisturizer.  Then i learn that essence and serum offer same benefit to your skin, why would i buy both?

I think the most important think is to know what type of skin yours is, then decide which texture works best for that skin rather than making fuss of the name essence, serum or ampoule.

5. Moisturizer 

I was interested with this product because of its Bae Suzy Ads. Been longing to try that product while i was in Korea, but i decided to try the other one first. And… I love  this product too much. I love the smell and the soft, chewy texture it has. At first i didn’t realize the changes it brings to my skin. But then, some of my friends starts complimenting that my skin tone is getting brighter. Well, sometimes the one who notice the changes in us is other people 😉

I truly hope you this simpler steps help you and you can find your holy grail products soon.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.


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