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“Mention the best word to describe Korea.”

I would definitely say ‘Beauty. Beautiful’ if someone asked me to.
The scenery, culture, food, people, life style, fashion style especially in Seoul are beautiful.
I am mesmerized with Korean beauty. I’d like to say that you are also mesmerized with it.

Korean people are beautiful. The guys are super stylish. The girls are suppaaahhh cute (gwiyomi. lol). In fact, Korea has become one of the best in terms of make up style and products.

Korean make up trend: 

1. Aegyeo Sal 

The concept of aegyeosal is funny for me. Do you have eyebag? The big puff right under your eyes due to your lack of sleep, over work or whatsoever. You desperately want to get over it, right?
But here, people adore them. They say, having an eye bag is cute. It enhance the puppy look on your eyes.
Even, there’s a make up trick to make eye bag. OMG OMG!

2. Eye brow

Cara Delevigne caterpillar’s eyebrow era is over. The trend is straight soft brown-ish eyebrow.
You can use the mascara eyebrow, powder cake eyebrow or the typical eyebrow pencil. See, there’s a lot of option! Choose which one is easier for you to apply.

here is the tutorial for this eyebrow

3. Dewy Skin
BB/ CC cream is the secret behind their dewy, bright and soft skin.
FAQ: What’s the difference between BB and CC cream?
CC is lighter than BB. If you have less wrinkle and spot on your skin, then CC cream is better for you. Well, that’s what the shopkeeper explained to me.

4. Natural Blush 
Having a pinkish blush enhance your cuteness, especially when you smile. Most of them use the natural color without any glitter/ shimmer.

5. Lip 
Hands up for this trend. I would not dare to have gradient color on my lips. They are brave enough to use peach, orange, bold red color on their lips.

There are a lot of make up brands here. I don’t know which one is the best, because it’s all about preferences. One brand also have three – four different types of make up for lips, eyes, etc.

How about their daily make up?
I guess it depends on the people. There are some people who love to wear heavy make up for daily use. There are some who think, light make up is enough. Regardless the amount of make up you put on, having the It eyebrow is a must, for sure.

Once you know that you look prettier with make up you will keep putting it on your face. You know the flaws on your face and you know that wearing make up can cover it. Everyone wants to look attractive and pretty. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s humane. However, don’t be obsessed with beauty!! 

I personally don’t like to wear make up. But here, I polished my face a bit though since it’s like a mandatory things for girls. 95% of the girls in my class are wearing make up. Society pressure. lol.

For you who’s too lazy to apply those cosmetics (same here) but want to look more fresh and brighter, I have some tips for you. It takes less than five minutes! 

1. BB/ CC cream is a must. It can cover your spot! After that, put on your powder.
2. Eyebrow
The most essential part! Don’t skip this one.
3. Eyeliner (optional for me!)
I used to wear the black one in Indonesia. Since my eyes are big already, the black eyeliner enhance my bold look. That’s why i rarely wear eyeliner.
Here, i try Etude’s dancing liner in brown color. It looks more natural. Still, I rarely wear it for daily use!
4. Mascara
There are several types of mascara. If you have thin one (like me) choose the extra volume mascara. It makes your eye brighter.

5. Lip balm/ Lip gloss/ Lipstick.
I received a lot of comments about my lip color from my friends (including you, perhaps!). They’re surprised because I would not have worn it in Indonesia. Some of my friends like it, though.
It’s Etude’s Lip in liquid color PK 004. Actually, it’s not thaaat red like Taylor Swift’s. It’s more into pink.

See!!! It’s not RED. It’s Pink!

Here are the -less than 5 minutes- kits:

Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream 
Skin Food Buckwheat loose powder
Skin Food Eyebrow cake #black
Etude Lash Perm Mascara 
Etude Drawing Show Eyeliner #brown
Etude Color In Liquid Lips #PK 004
Tony Molly Lip balm (My lips are so dry, especially during the cold days. It bleeds sometimes)

you can see the result (my face) on Instagram 😉

I would like to try 3CE cosmetics. This brand is such a boom here. If you are interested, I am opening pre order for Korean cosmetics and beauty care (any brands, any products) until 28 March for Indonesia.

Well, there’s no end when we’re talking about Korean make up tips and trends. Besides make up, the secret between Korean beauty is of course, the beauty care. I’ll talk about it in the next post. So, stay tuned!!

*If you want to know something about Korea, i won’t mind to find out about it and share it in my blog. Feel free to ask me 🙂

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

  • Chalimi Fithratu
    Posted at 16:47h, 13 February Reply

    If we talk about the current trend of korean beauty product, we really can't leave out the Korean BB Cushion 🙂 It's so hype.

  • Pamela Felita
    Posted at 23:52h, 16 February Reply

    Of course. It's easy to put on for daily make up 🙂

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