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How does it feel to fall in love after long time? Out of the blue, that question popped up on my head 8 months ago. I thought writing about it would be nice. In fact, I could not write about it. Even though it’s just a fiction, writing about something will still be hard when you don’t use your heart and mind. I could neither imagine nor feel about it. Perhaps it’s because I was not in the state of falling in love with someone. Writing about being in love did not feel right at all.

I guess I never really forget that question. It popped up on my head one more time. This time, I attempt to answer it. However, I am curious with how you guys feel too!

If I could only use one word to describe the feeling, it would be “relieved”. Relieved is defined as: the feeling of having a weight taken off of your shoulder.

You were hurt once. It was so deep that it took you a long time. A long time to forget the past; a long time to heal the pain; a long time to finally decide to start over. Starting over with other person is not easy, especially for you who cannot fall in love freely. You do try to start over, yet YOU CAN’T MAINTAIN THE INTERESTED FEELING FOR MORE THAN 2 WEEKS. You always have at least three excuses why it will never work with him/her. The worst part is that you might have given a positive sign which gradually decreasing. It’s too late, you hurt her/him already. It happens several time.
At some point, it makes you thing that you deserve a bitch slap. You feel so guilty. You’re even mad at yourself too, why you become this fickle. Most importantly, you miss that certain feeling.

Love is the most humane emotion that we have. Love makes you content. Loving makes you content. Our heart is like a whole pizza. Each slice represents those people in our life. There’s a slice for Him, family, friends, ourselves and him/her. Thus, when one slice is gone, you feel incomplete. You don’t feel desperate, yet you know something’s not there.

When you eventually feel that fluttery feelings on your heart; butterfly on your stomach or all those falling in love symptoms again is constant and always there, you feel genuinely happy. You are sure that you are not a beeeyaaatch who could not maintain the ‘feelings’ for more than 2 weeks.

Basically, human is an affectionate being. As you love someone again, you can actually give out all of those affections buried inside your heart. You now have someone to express all of those feelings. You feel content. You feel relieved! It feels so great to fall in love again after long time.

Love is actually a way of self-care. It brings you positive vibe. You have another reason to smile. You have another reason to be a better person too!

They say love makes someone becomes romantic. It makes someone at least able to express their feelings more, in their own way. Mine happens to be in a writing. What about yours? 

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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