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Words are not enough to talk about faith. For me, faith is indescribable thing. Faith is a belief of something that we cannot see.
Some people might ask, why we Christian believe in God. I can never answer that question. I just believe in Him. I never see Him. But, I can feel His presence. That’s strong enough to be my faith foundation.
If you happen to read this, go on. If you feel blessed, feel free to share to your friends. I will be glad 🙂

There are zillion verses in our scripture. You must have your favorites. I am sure that it’s not only one. But a lot. One of my favorite is “God is within her, she will not fail”.

God is within you, you will not fail. 

If you want something, you cannot just sit down and pray. You need to work your ass too.
Keep praying to ask His guidance. Let Him strengthen your faith.
Faith without action is nothing. It’s just the other way around. Action without faith is nothing too. Faith is our hope. As you have faith, you will believe that there’s still a chance for you to actually get what you wanted.

It does not mean that with God, everything that you wish will be granted. God’s plan is always the best for you. All we need to do is to accept all of His plan.

I learn that God will never give up on you even if you do. He will always bring your spirit back. From your prayers, the worship song, verses and even your friends. He is faithful. 

I rarely share my faith experience though. However, this time there’s urge deep inside my heart to jot down and tell you about this.
I am going to Korea. Finally! After the ups and downs. After the heavy rain, i can dance under the rainbow. I am not exaggerating, but seriously, i feel relieved that i finally can go.
At first, my mom rejected this plan. She thought that I am not ready to live 4 months away from home. She got her points though.
I kept praying to God, if it’s my path from Him my mom would agreed this plan,

The challenges did not stop after I got mom’s permission. Something unexpected happened just days after I got my acceptance letter from Sogang University. It’s not a simple matter. It’s something that could cancel all of my plan. Meaning that, all of the things I’ve prepared is useless, wasted.

Honestly, I was in doubt. I was in tears. I said to Him, “If it’s not Your plan, why do you let me go this far? I just got accepted and Korea is just one step away, J!” 

Then, I read one verse about faith. Faith is believing in something we cannot see. He reminded me that I should be still and trust Him once again. I kept praying.
It’s worth it. One by one, He tackled all of the problems in front of me. Miraculously, I am going to Korea tomorrow! Thank You, J!!!!

He gives you challenges not to make you down, but to make you realize, if you really want that thing you don’t just give it up easily. 

If He wasn’t with me, If I didn’t ask for His encouragement, I would have failed on retaining my faith. 

I don’t beg you to trust me. Faith is a belief. I cannot forced someone to believe in what I believe. But, i am sure that there will be times He touches your heart with unfailing love.

God is within you, you will not fail. My prayer goes to all of you. Amen!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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