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#GirlBoss is one out of those movement encouraging women empowerment. Lately, women empowerment has been one of the it topics. I am not a feminist. But i do believe in women empowerment. I strongly agree that women have to believe in herself that she is capable. Growing up reading self development books and stories about those amazing women from Ruth to Proverbs 31 woman grew the hope inside me that I want to be like them one day. Count myself lucky that I got the chance to meet those women and listen to their very own story.

One of those women happened to be

Sophia Amoruso, the creative head behind Nasty Gal and #Girlboss.

I signed up myself for a women empowerment conference in Jakarta. She was the panel speaker of the event. Regardless of the bankruptcy scandal of Nasty Gal, she is still inspiring and someone that all women can look up to. Sophia conveyed such powerful message that I wouldn’t keep for myself. 3 things to learn from The #Girlboss :

1.Trust your guts and follow your dreams

Believe in your dreams. Trust the inner voice echoing from your heart. Pursue it. There will always be someone that criticize your dreams. It doesn’t matter, because you are the one who will pursue it, not them.

2. Do not let social media take you down

Social media has become part of our life, which is inevitable from our daily routine. Scrolling through Instagram feed is a way to relieve our boredom and another way to catch up with friends we barely see. However, it can be consuming: time consuming, self worth consuming, etc. It is intoxicating when we start comparing our life with all of those Instagram dreamy life of somebody else, wondering when we’ll be lucky to live their happy life. Truth is there’s always up and down in our life and nobody would like to share the lowest point of their life. So, don’t be intimidated with what we see. “Even the happy moment captured in the picture is sometimes exaggerated,” She add.

3. Find a partner who is turned on by your dreams

Our future spouse will play important role in our journey of being the woman we want to be. He will either support us or hinder us from reaching our dreams. Yep, that extreme polarity. Achieving dream costs a lot: time, energy, focus and passion. Thus, she emphasized that  any woman should look for a man who is turned on by her dreams. I couldn’t agree more with this. What’s the point of living with someone that wouldn’t support you?

Other than the message that she conveyed, there’s one more thing that we can learn from her. She was a college drop-out and was in shortage of penny when she started Nasty Gal, eBay version of vintage fashion item. She could have made up 1001 excuses about her limitation. But, she didn’t. Nasty Gal has turned into business empire now. It means that the most important thing when we want to start over something new is not what we have but our desire, whether we truly want to start over or not.

Empowered women. Empower women 🙂

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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