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I always wonder how it feels to stroll around Manhattan, Upper East Side. Manhattan seems to be super glamorous, at least, that’s what I learn from watching six seasons of Gossip Girl.

Located around Gangnam-Apgujeong and Cheongdamdong, Garosugil might be the ‘Manhattan’ of Seoul.

Actually, there are a lot of nice places to visit in Seoul, like Hong Dae, Sinchon, Myeong Dong etc. However, the feeling’s just different when you walk around Garosugil. It’s much less crowded to be compared with Myeong Dong and Hong Dae.
Moreover, everyone looks like a model here. I love Korean fashion style. I love the way people mix and match their fashion apparels. You will see a lot of people wearing sunglasses and fashionable clothes. It’s like watching outdoor fashion runaway!

You can also find a lot of cafe with unique exterior and interior concept (more places to take pictures!!). The good thing about Seoul is that you can shop almost everywhere. You can find beauty brand here (etude, skinfood, innisfree).
There are several fashion apparels shop from the branded one like: MCM, Aldo, Forever 21, Guess; to Korean brands and indie brand.
I spotted some beauty “clinic”, ehm.. if you know what i mean. So, it’s really common if you see a woman with bandage covering her nose, chin and cheek.

Enough with brief description about Garosugil, let me go straight to the point. Me and my friends had our so called ‘dessert marathon’ there. We went to 4 dessert cafe. I’m satisfied with all the things I discovered. You definitely need to try these place:


I tried the signature style of Remicon, Thunder Bomb. It’s an ice cream with cotton candy on top of it. I love the ice cream. I cannot precisely describe the sensation i got when i ate the cotton candy. It’s like something light striking your tongue. Perhaps, that’s why they call it Thunder Bomb.

Price: 6,100 KRW
In my opinion, it’s a bit over price.

This is my favorite dessert!! I prefer fruits to something really sweet. They call it healthy desserts. So, what’s inside?
It’s like a pressed and blended acai fruit (my friend thought it was chocolate though). There are kiwi, nuts, grape, strawberry, banana as the topping.

Price: 7500 KRW for medium size



I am not exaggerating, yet this is the most delicious cake I’ve eaten in my life! Normally, I don’t really like cake because of the cream. However, I enjoyed every single spoon of it. It has super soft texture and not thaaaatt sweet. It’s just.. perfect!

Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet Oreo Cheese Cake.
Price: 9,000 KRW – Worth the price!


Don’t you think that the icon looks like smurf? For me, who never watched smurf, the resemblance is uncanny. lol
I tried caramel, chocolate and cheese pop corn ice cream. I like the caramel and chocolate. However, the cheese flavor is kinda weird for me.

This might be the part that you’ve been waiting for.. LINE CAFE!! Line might not be popular in Korea, but Line is the hyped social platform in Indonesia. When we talk about line, it’s impossible not to mention Brown, Cony and another line iconic characters. It has four floors which are fulled with extremely cute stuffs.
The fluffy Mr.Brown is ready to welcome you at anytime.

They also sell line-themed clothes. Guess what, it’s made from Indonesia (my nationalism suddenly !

How to get to Garosugil: 
Sinsa station exit #8.  Go straight and turn left when you find It’s Skin beauty store.

I will go back to Garosugil for sure. I won’t do dessert marathon. Shopping marathon, perhaps? 😉
See you at another Sweet Escape post.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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