Faith & Decisions - Pamela Kahar
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Faith & Decisions

“Sometimes it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing is just to follow our heart and hope it goes well.” – Mac Miller
The thing is how can you be so sure that one thing is more righteous than the others?What do you usually do when you have to make decision? 
Some people said when making decisions you have to calculate plus and minus of every decisions. Some people said that we have to calculate the risk of choosing A or B. Meaning that if you choose A, you’ll lose B. We get some and we lose some
Some people said, do plus and minus analysis and give weight for each point (HAHA!! Sure, it’s like a mathematics).
Some people said just follow your heart, pray and choose whatever you are at peace.You think that there are too many ‘some people’ words up there? I know, right! But for an indecisive person at least he/she will ask 4 people about this, just to make a single decision. But, it’s not about what food to eat or which lipstick color to buy. It’s more pivotal than that.

Then, what faith has to do with you making decisions? 
The other way is to hold on to our faith. Often we think to have faith so that God will whisper to us whether we should go with path A or path B, or even C to Z. We take some moment to pray, fast and ask God so that He will give us the answer, the best path. What’s the definition of best then? The thing is, God will always give us the best for sure. It might be full with surprises, but it’s truly the best. So, all of those options are ‘the best’ because wherever we go, whatever we choose, He will always give the best for us. Because giving the best for us is His nature.
The real test is what’s coming after we made our decision. It’s when we need our faith even more. It’s whether we trust Him with all of our heart that what we chose the best path. There is no turning back!
“Didn’t i put all of my faith when I pray, God? But, why it has to be this hard?” We might ask this in the future.There will be times (hundred times for sure) we question our decision again, though we have prayed about it for long time, cause we are stuck in the middle of our journey. There will be too many ‘what if’s that doubt our decisions.
But, be bold!Sometimes, we as a human, usually complacent by the thought that God’s way is always great. We associate the word ‘great’ with ‘blessings’. We expect the path to be easy, or at least have a shortcut to our dreams. I remind you again, it won’t be the case.

And, when it comes to faith, all of those risk or probability calculation are nothing compares to God’s greatness. I know it makes no sense, but i guess it’s truly how God works. It’s always beyond our calculation. Expect more surprises to come when you put your faith in Him.

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Pamela Kahar
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A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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