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Last two weekend was superb! After Nami Island, I went to Everland on Sunday.
Everland is huge. The view inside is really pretty. There was a tulip festival on Sunday. The flowers were too mesmerizing. I can’t describe how pretty it is. I couldn’t capture the real beauty of the scenery too. It was amazing. You need to see it by yourself.


If you love thrilling attraction, Everland is the right place. I tried 7 attractions here: T express, Rolling Coaster, Amazon ride, Rotating House, Rockstar something, one attraction located next to Rockstar, one more I could not remember. (It’s like I had sudden short-term memory loss just now).
It was really really fun, except Rotating House. Well, I don’t even know what I did it inside the house (sorry).

T Express is a must! No matter how long it takes, no matter how long the queue is, YOU SHOULD TRY T EXPRESS!!! The roller coaster was fantastically thrilling.

You should also try Rockstar (ehm, i don’t think that’s the real name of the attraction. You can spot it easily, it’s the only attraction with giant guitar on its side). You’d sit, go up to 45 meters high, rotated 360 degree over and over again. It was really fun though.

Actually, I tried that kind of attraction in Indonesia. Honestly speaking, I was more afraid when I ride it in my home country than here, even though it’s smaller. The thrilling feeling was different.
In Everland, I was so nervous because it’s really high “OMG. OMG. Oh My God i am sooo high from the ground. AAAAA!!” 
In Indonesia, I was so nervous because I didn’t feel safe “OMG. Did the safety belt loosen a bit just now? Oh Crap.”

For those who don’t really enjoy attraction, you can sit and watch performance. There’s a schedule performance paper that you can take near the entrance gate.

After riding several attractions, we decided to take lunch break. There were several restaurants which sold Chinese food, Korean food and American food. I tried China Moon Restaurant. The taste was okay and the price was reasonable too (Jjajangmyeon= 6,000 won)

At night, the view was even more beautiful. All the lights were turned on. There’s a spectacular show near the tulip LED garden. Almost all the songs which were played there were slow beat love songs. It made the ambiance even more romantic and sweet. lol




I realized that Korea really has strong couple culture. I mean, there were a lot of couples wearing the same outfit from head to toe. They even wore the same shoes. The guys did not mind to put on bunny headband. Too cute too be true! Anyway, it was another one super nice day during my journey in Korea.

How to get there:
By subway: Go to Jeondae/Everland, the end of the Yongin Everline. Then, take the shuttle bus in front of the station. The bus is provided by Everland.

I expect that right after this, you might ask which one is better, Lotteworld or Everland. The answer is:
You cannot compare them. They are different in terms of size and concept. Lotteworld is more into dreamy concept with castle and stuff. Everland is more into adventurous style. The attraction is more thrilling at Everland.

In terms of location, Lotteworld is in Jamsil, Seoul. It took me 40 minutes only to get there.
Everland is in the Jeondae/Everland. It took me 1.5 hours to get there. Yes, it is far far away! But, it’s worth it. Ticket fee was 29,000 only since I got discount.

Feel free to ask me if you have questions. Feel free to request something that you’d like to know about Korea. See you on another Sweet Escape, readers! hint: second biggest city in Korea a.k.a B*s*n

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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