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When I was a little girl, I wish I could grow up faster and address myself as a woman. Now that I am stepping the age of 22, which legally be said as a woman, as well as having encountered series of life events that changes who I was and whom I dreamt to be, I begin to ask myself “What does it mean to be a woman?” “What kind of woman that I want to be?”

Waking up in a fancy apartment, wearing a comfy satin sleepwear, sipping hot espresso while preparing some to do lists on weekdays seems fancy. Spending time on bed with messy hair don’t care – bun while planning for the next sweet escape on weekend. Too superficial? Maybe. 

Those picture perfect of Instagram life might amuse us for a while. Seems like it’s the answer of the previous questions. But, it’s not. And we’ll ask that question to ourselves again, eventually.

Now that I discern that question again, that question has no exact answer. Woman often being labeled as the complimentary of a man. As we read the bible again and reflect upon what has written there. God created woman to accompany man as the helper. Maybe that’s why we have the ability to do multitasking, more conscience to help and are more organized than man. We’re just wired that way. Now, the role has extended, woman must be a helper for both man and other women.

What kind of help do we offer to the society? What kind of woman that we are called to be? We don’t have to be famous like Sherryl Sandberg, Ariana Huffington, Sri Mulyani first to help others. Because not every woman wants to pursue career in a Fortune 500 companies, not every woman wants to be entrepreneur and not every woman wants to become full time housewife / mother. Regardless of those occupation label, we are still women.

Embracing womanhood starts from something simple which is don’t take other women down.

Don’t be intimidated by their progress or their life, yet wish them all the very best. Because each and every woman has different calling from God.

We are not called to thrive for their dreams. Rather than comparing us with others, let’s be honest with ourselves.

Accept and forgive our flaws if we have been a daughter who’s too busy running errand with life or a mom who hasn’t been able to take care our children.

No matter how much we are into career progression etc, as a woman we have to accept that one day we have to take maternity leave for a while that may hinder the progression. There will come a time where we gotta be less dominant as a wife and let our man to take the lead. Embrace the womanhood means accepting multiple role that we will experience: a friend, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, mother and grandmother, etc.

I hope we find our purpose in every season of life as we embrace our role as a woman.

Empowered women. Empower women.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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