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Korea is not a K-pop or K-drama land. Well, at least, for me. I never did some kind of ‘actor-actress hunting’ there. I did not go to the Cube Cafe where the Idol hang out often there. I did not go to Octagon where you can see Nickun or whatsoever partying at the VIP room through the window, if you are lucky. However, I mostly did food hunting there. I posted about food and street snack already. This time is for dessert. These are the dessert that you should try:

1. Bungeoppang – Fish Ice Cream 

I tried this when I was in Busan. The fish shaped- waffle itself was the thing that attracted me the most when I passed by the stall. It has a hole inside which is filled with smooth Ice cream. As for the taste, it’s yummy yet not that special. However, it’s still unique. And you tried the ‘it’ ice cream that you cannot find in your country. You can find this at Sinchon (right next to Ozzang) and Hongdae

2. Bingsoo
The truth is, you will never get enough of Bingsu. Bingsu is actually a Korean traditional dessert. Let me describe it. It’s a shaved ice. Thus, the ice is really smooth. It’s like snow flakes in a big bowl with toppings. The original one is called Patbingsu. Red bean and milk are the main highlights of the shaved ice. Injeolmi (glutinous rice flour) are also added on the top of the ice.
Bingsu has been being developed even more. Now we have a lot of options. From the basic one like chocolate and strawberry to green tea, blueberry cheese and even the seasonal one, like Mango. Most of dessert cafes in Korea sell Bingsu. However, my favorite bingsu cafe is Seol Bing!!
Regardless my bias of blueberry flavor, Seol Bing’s blueberry cheese bingsu is still the best. The combination of the blueberry jam with the slowly but sure melted cheese block… Simply heaven on earth!

My muse: Seol Bing’s Blueberry Cheese Bingsu

You should also try Bizeun‘s Green Tea Bingsu. It’s the softest texture bingsu that I’ve tried in Korea.

Bizeun’s green tea bingsu! 
Caffe Bene‘s green tea bingsu is also worth to try.
Baskin Robin’s Ice cream bingsu 

Anyway, you should try Seol Bing’s Injeolmi toast! You’ll love it too. Trust me 🙂

3. The J-Ice Cream 

My friends said that they also have it in Philippines. Since I don’t have this kind of ice cream in Indonesia, I desperately wanted to try this ice cream. I loved it!!! The J-shaped was made from corn flour. The ice cream is really smooth. I found it kinda weird, yet i enjoyed it. It’s like eating something crunchy and soft at the same time.
This ice cream is a cute prop to take picture with. Especially, your name starts with letter J, or your loved one, perhaps? It’s okay to be cheesy lol!
You can find this at Hongdae 

4. Belgian Waffle 

Find this right next to Gyeongbokgung Palace main gate! 

It took me 30 minutes to get this waffle. Good things come to those who wait, indeed! The waffle is really thick. Oh how i love fluffy stuff! I tried the strawberry flavor. I like the jam. The jam is not that sweet, instead it has a bit of sours taste.

You can also try Waffle Liu (former was Waffle It Up) near Ewha Woman’s University. The place was small, nice and cozy. A perfect spot to rest after shopping at Ewha street! There you can choose the topping and ice cream to eat with your waffle.

The blueberry yogurt ice cream is just perfect! 

5. Waffle Ice Cream

YOU HAVE TO EAT THIS WHEN YOU GO TO SHINCHON (near exit #3). I still remember that night. I had my dinner at a Korean restaurant. The portion was super small. The food was tasteless. I was not in a good mood. On my way back to dorm, I smelled something really good! It’s from the waffle ice cream small. You can choose three flavors of Ice cream. The Ahjussi will bake the waffle for you. So, it’s still fresh and crispy. Totally boosted my mood!

6. Myeong Dong’s 30cm Ice cream 

We take a picture before we eat our food. I guess, most of do it that way nowadays. There are some food which I called photogenic. We love how it looks like rather than the taste. This ice cream is one of them. Nothing special about this 30cm ice cream. It just happened to have exceptional size in terms of height. However, you still need to try this. It’s cheap and you can share it with your friends.

7. Macaroon Ice Cream 

Yep. It is huge macaroon filled with thick ice cream. You can find this pretty much everywhere in Seoul. The 24 hours convenient store also sell it. Paris Baquette too! However, the best one is called Penguin stall I guess. You can find it at Insadong.

8. Osulloc’s
I am a fan of green tea! Once again, I do love green tea. The happy thing is that green tea is also one of the most favorite flavor in Korea. Major yayness! YOU SHOULD GO TO OSULLOC when you visit Korea. King O’fredo is the dessert that you need to try. The ice cream is really smooth. I wish they gave us bigger size of green tea brownie on top of the O’fredo. Moreover, you should also try the green tea toast. Osulloc is the place where you can fine the most green tea of green tea flavor. Pardon my words! I mean, Osulloc specializes in green tea flavor. You can feel the real strong green tea taste in Osulloc’s menu. If you’re looking for a cafe which is ‘peaceful’, Osulloc is the place. Lastly, you can also buy green tea there! They have a lot of varieties of green tea.


9. Queens Bagel 
Blueberry Cheese Bagel
Some of the foreigners said that this Bagel has more or less the same taste with the bagel they usually have in New York. I don’t know the taste of original bagel, but this is delicious for me. The long queue in front of the stall is an enough prove that this Queens Bagel is favored. I tried the blueberry, oreo cream cheese and green tea flavor. The best one is the Oreo cream cheese.
You can find it right in front of Ewha Woman’s University main gate.
Welcome to the sweet tooth club! 
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