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“We’re getting older. OMG.” That’s the overly-used phrases that me & my girlfriends said during our catch-up dinner few weeks ago. The discussion about which groups get highest point on 1 hour presentation; which company to have our internship, which new cafes in town are off the table, changed with struggles of passion or job that pays well, struggles of moving on from major heartbreak and struggles of not being ready to get old. Do you feel it too? Anyway, we are not yet welcomed to club 25, still 22-23 though, but

the quarter life crisis is REAL.

Quarter life crisis is defined as an intense soul-searching where we start developing more realistic perspective in our life and disappointment feelings if we haven’t accomplished anything yet. The definition sounds dramatic and hyperbolic, but maybe quarter life crisis truly is that way. We have no other options, it’s just a matter of when we’re going to face that crisis. Hopefully these tips can help us to deal with quarter life crisis:

  1. Be content with yourself first.

Often times we look up for others about what we do really want in our life. Often times we use others’ standard to justify what’s happening around us. What we want and what they want are different. What matters for you might not matter for them. If your friends already have growing business in such young age but you haven’t, doesn’t mean you fail. If your friend has just changed her status into someone’s fiancé, yet your boyfriend hasn’t popped the question doesn’t mean he’s not serious with you.  Be content with yourself first, so people’s progress won’t intimidate you.

  1. Accept that agonizing break up is one step closer to The One.

Easier said than done, I know. Why would be the question that came across our mind first when we broke up with our loved one. It’s like the world collapse when we have to let him go, especially if we already have the grand plan for our life involving him, whom we think is the one. It’s so damn hard to accept what we thought would be forever has just come to an end. Sounds cliché, yet if things are meant to be it will be. Most of us think that what we want is the best for us, but the only one who knows which is the best is God.

Cry as much as you want today. Get up tomorrow, your life must go on with or without him. Later on, we will realize that the agonizing break up is what brings us closer to the one. Be hopeful until that day!

  1. Know that you cannot have it all at once.

Most of us set high expectation for ourselves. We want to get the best things for us. That’s human nature. Ideally, we want to have job that we like and pays off and still able to do our hobby for me time. We also want to stay in touch with positive and supporting circle of friends, and the list goes on. Instead of juggling them all at once, let’s set our priority. What’s your priority in this season? Is it growing your start up business, reconnecting with your long lost friend or healing your broken-heart and finding new one? You have the answers in your heart. Listen to your inner voice.

  1. It’s never too late to start something

I always believe that life is a journey of self-discovery. Life will give us more surprises about who we are and what actually want in life. It’s never too late if we want to take the U turn to find another way to reach our destination. That’s what I learn in my search of dream job. Ask God for vision. Who judge whether it’s already late or not? Better not justify everything with our timing, because God works outside our time table.

  1. Get closer to God.

This is the main pillar of dealing with our struggles. God is the source of hope, inspiration and strength. The closer we are to Him, the more we can accept no matter how saddening it is that happened with our life, He is in control. He wants to show us His divine plan in His own way.

Life and crisis are inevitable. It depends on how we look at the crisis. And I think dealing with this thing called quarter life crisis is part of growing up. The faster we accept what life’s throwing us with, the faster we are able to release our worry and focus on doing our best. Every crisis is God’s way to prepare us to face the next level. Embrace this cycle of life. Let’s grow up while getting older.

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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