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Have you ever felt tired but happy at the same time? That’s what i felt during my second day in Busan. I felt so devastated yet delighted that day. I went to three places, which were: Gamcheon Village, Taejeongdae and Seomyon.

I did enough research about places to visit in Busan. Gamcheon Village had always been in every list of website I found. CNN mentioned that Gamcheon Village is one of the most beautiful village, “Asia’s Santorini” they called. It’s also featured in some travel blog. People said that it’s really pretty. As for me, I fell in love with it at the first sight when i googled the picture. Since junior high school, I have got Santorini-tized. I really want to visit that place.

I departed from Yeonsan station at 09.30 and arrived at Gamcheon Village around 10.30 to 11.00. I was mesmerized by its colorful uphill and downhill traditional neighborhood. There’s a lot of photo spot there. Once you get there, you’ll find one photo spot which I bet all people who have visited Gamcheon must have taken picture in that spot.
I ate delicious ice cream called Pig Ice cream, which price was only 600 won. I ate my second ssiad hotteok there. It’s better than the one that i tried at Yonggusa temple.

You can find a lot of beautiful murals during your walk there. You can also do some craft like making your own bracelet, painting and dyeing.

that mainstream background




ssiadd hotteok!!

Gamcheon at night

How to get there: Go to Toseong Station exit #6, walk straigth and turn right. Walk straight until you find small bus station in front of Pusan National University Hospital (Cancer Center, block C). Take the bus number 1-1, 2 or 2-2. Get off at Gamcheon Culture Village.

I continued my trip to Taejongdae Cliff by bus. It took 50 minutes from Gamcheon to Taejongdae Resort Park (last stop). Before that, I went to visit my friend in military camp, 5 minutes away from Taejongdae resort (one stop before Taejongdae resort park). I met him one year ago when we both join a summer program in Malaysia. He happened to be my foster family in one activity there. Seeing him wearing military attire was kinda funny. Now i know how a Korean military camp looks like. Basically, what he does every day are exercising, cleaning and helping the seniors. Every trainee is assigned to work in different division. After 30 minutes at the military camp, i went to the resort park to meet my friend.



card for the guest


It was too bad that we could not get the ticket to look around Taejongdae with mini train. So, we needed to walk uphill and downhill again to see the cliff. The worst part is that me and my friends had not eaten proper meal that day. We’re really tired.
Make sure you have enough stamina before visiting Taejongdae.
We went to the exhibition called “Ji Woo love story in Busan” Choi Ji Woo is the brand ambassador of Busan. Yep, that Choi Ji Woo which i mentioned in my Nami island post.
Then we stopped by the light house and the cliff. What makes Taejongdae amusing is the fact that it’s surrounded by the sea.


How to get there: From Gamcheon Village, take bus number 2 and get off at Seo-gu office. Take bus #8 to Taejongdae Resort Park (last stop)
Go to Nampo subway station, exit #6. Take bus #8 to Taejongdae.

Our last destination was Seomyeon. Seomyon is more or less like Seoul’s Hongdae: places to eat, bar, shopping area. We had dinner (my very first proper food that I ate in Busan) at restaurant called Bab Sang (King’s food) It’s a hot deal, readers. Three people in a table, we got a lot of kind of side dish including pajeon and chapjae. The side dishes were free flow.
We also got three main dishes: crab soup, pork with red sauce and fish with red sauce. We could ask to get one more out of those three dishes.
It’s only 7,000 won/person. I highly recommend this place! (try the cold sweet rice beverage).

 For three people!
eonni annyeong! 

I also met up with my other Busan friends whom I knew during the summer program. I miss them a lot!
Our ‘supper’ for the day was the 50% discount in Innisfree store. Overall, my second day in Busan was nicer that the first day
Save the best for the last, my last day was the best! Wait for another sweet escape blog post to come. See you soon!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

  • Siying
    Posted at 02:52h, 17 October Reply

    Hi, can I ask about the details of the bus you took from Gamcheon to Taejongdae?

    • Pamela Kahar
      Posted at 15:28h, 10 November Reply

      hi Siying!
      Sorry for the late reply. Honestly i forgot the detail of the bus, but Taejongdae is the last stop of that bus route.

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