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People change. Me too. The biggest change in me is my eating habit I guess. I live to eat, not eat to live. I used to not love eating that much when I was kid. But, now I always have appetite to eat something, even though I am not hungry. So, I dedicated my last day in Busan to do food hunting.

Me and my friend strolled around Nampo area, Jagalchi and Gukje Market. I went to place called BIFF square (Busan International Film Festival) near Nampo. Any food hunter should go visit this place.
There are a lot of street snack stalls. You can directly smell something yummy once you pass this area.
My first priority was Seung Gi hotteok. Yes, that actor and singer Lee Seung Gi. It was named Seung Gi hotteok because Lee Seung Gi once ate hotteok there (Now you know how strong kpop is in Korea). However, We could not find one. We were really hungry and tempted with the smell of mandu, tuigim and other street snack. So, We bought tteokpokki and mandoo for breakfast. We eat there inside the tent.

Biff square crowd


some of the street snack

Even though I could not find that famous Seung Gi hotteok, I found a super crowded booth which sold hotteok. As for me, I usually choose a booth which is crowded. I am more convinced when many people queue. It shows that the food is delicious.I wasn’t wrong. It is the best hotteok I have ever eaten. One is not enough!!

Hotteok in the making
 The best hotteok. ever!

Me and my friend continued our walk to Gukje market, since it’s nearby. It’s a traditional market which sells korean craft, tra’Seditional food,etc. However, there were several clothing shops. We bought wedges and white T-shirt with oul’ printed on the chest.

We ate more snacks there (No wonder I gained 4kgs already). We tried honey butter roasted corn which was really really delicious. Honey butter flavor has been really booming in Korea recently. We also tried the fish ice cream. I love the texture of the ice cream, it’s really soft and the taste is not too sweet. I bought Jeonju Choco Pie. For you who love chocolate, you’d love this choco pie once you eat it.

Gukje market 




We continued our journey that day to Jagalchi market, the biggest fish market in Korea. There I tried my first Sanakji (living octopus). Honestly speaking, I never thought that I would try sanakji eventually. It was not scary or disgusting at all. I kinda liked it.lol. I loved the little ticklish sensation in my tongue when i ate it.

Jagalchi market 


Sanakji! I did it!

Before we went back to the hotel, we visited Lotte Department Store. I heard there’s a famous bakery in Busan called OPS Bakery. OPS gave me an impression of premium bakery from their interior and packaging. The price was also relatively more expensive. Near OPS, I found Seung Gi Hotteok. Finally!! It’s really luscious, but I prefer the hotteok which I ate in BIFF market. In total, I ate 4 or 5 hotteok during my trip in that city. The last day was my favorite day in Busan. I was happy as my craving’s satisfied. Gamsahabnida, anyeong Busan!

Ops Bakery 


Seung Gi Hotteok! 
Pamela Kahar
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