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Have been living here for three months, I just had my first night outside the city last Friday.I went to Busan for three days two nights vacation. Busan is the second largest city in Korea after Seoul. It’s like Indonesia’s Surabaya. I went with another 7 Indonesian friends.
We went there by bus. We departed at 8.30 am from Express Bus Terminal. It’s supposed to be a long journey. However, it felt so short since I spent most of the time sleeping. Well, sleeping is the best way to waste time, right? Anyone’s with me?

The journey was quite fun, except the fact that Ahjusi who sat behind my seat scolded me twice. I did not even know what I did wrong. However, he was pissed off. I was just tying my hair when he tapped my arm rudely. I am hundred percents sure that my hair was not long enough to ‘enter his territory’.

4 hours and 15 minutes later (supposedly), I arrived at Napo Bus Station, Busan. Honestly speaking, my first impression of that city was not that good (But, it’s gradually getting better). The terminal looked old. Most of the citizens that i saw were elder too, OMG. Where are the handsome oppa? lol. 
Even though I was still in the same country, the feeling of being in Busan was totally different with Seoul. As expected, Busan has different dialect with Seoul. They have different accent.

Planning itinerary before going there was the best idea. We directly went to the hotel at Yeonsan Station. Anyway, the subway costs you 1,200 won which is quite expensive to be compared with Seoul, 1050 won.

We planned to spend our first day in Haeundae area. Our first stop was Haedong Yonggungssa Temple. We went to Haeundae station. After that we took bus to the temple. We should walk uphill like around 10 minutes to reach the temple. It was worth it! Haeundae is a beach area. So you can imagine how pretty is the temple. The main temple is located above a rock where you can enjoy the wind breeze and sea scenery.

We discovered several things there. There was a Buddha statue where you can throw your coins. If you’re able to throw your coins inside the bowl, you’d be lucky for the rest of your life. I personally don’t trust that kind of thing, but I tried once just to fulfill my curiosity.



On our way back to the bus stop, I ate my first Ssiad Hotteok (The famous Busan hotteok which is really really delicious)
how to get there: Haeundae station exit #7, just go straight until you find a bus stop. Take bus #818

We continued our journey to Haeundae beach. I was not impressed with the beach. Maybe because I arrived there too late. I wasn’t able to see the sunset. I also feel that beach in my country is prettier.


Next, we went to Gwangan Daegyo (GwangAn bridge) it’s like the smaller version of Seoul’s Banpo bridge. I liked the ambiance there. A lot of people enjoyed drinking, eating while sitting on the sand and enjoyed the light attraction from the bridge. Groups were laughing, couple were holding hands. I could see their happy faces sharing their togetherness moment with people they love.

ma girls!!

how to get there: Gwanganri station exit #3

As for the night, me and my friend, Arista decided to sleep at Jimjilbang (the korean spa and sauna house), which was Haeundae Spa Center. Actually we planned to try Shinsegae Sentum City Spa Land since people said it’s the most luxurious spa in Korea. Sadly, it’s not allowed to night stay there. I am not good at all with directions. Me and my friend had difficulties on finding the place (even though people said that it’s easy to find the spa center). Luckily, there’s a kind onni who took us there. We arrived safe and sound there.

Trying jimjilbang is the best thing of my first day.lol. Because it’s a whole new experience for me. I knew that people would be naked there. It felt like you’re in Eden garden once you entered the room. I was in the state of denial like Oh My God, in less than ten minutes I’d be one of them, naked in front of stranger lol. Oetteohke?
People didn’t care about you, they just care about themselves, enjoying their me time naked.
I tried the sauna also. The sleeping room was on the 6th floor. You could take two blankets and pillow. It felt so weird yet exciting at the same time.
You’d sleep wearing the typical jimjilbang uniform (pink for women, blue for men). You’d sleep with strangers around you.
You can also buy food (ramyon, ice cream, chips, boiled egg, tea) and beauty mask there. It’s truly a place to pamper and relax your mind and body.
It might be odd to be in jimjilbang, but seriously give it a shot. It’s just once in a lifetime experience that you can only try in Korea.

my bed! 



Good morning, roommate! 


we woke up like this

how to get there: Haeundae beach exit #1. Walk straight, at the five way intersection take 90 degree right. Cross the street to walk along another side. Walk for 110 meters, Haeundae spa center will be on your left side. It’s located on the 4th floor of the building.

Transportation to Busan:
Bus: It costs you 23,000 for single trip. Round trip will be 46,000
It takes you 4 hours 15 minutes
KTX: It cost you 56,000 for single trip.
It takes you 2 hours 30 minutes.

The next day I visited Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejongdae and Seomyon area. I’ll post about it soon!

Pamela Kahar
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