Blossoming into A Lady - Pamela Kahar
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Blossoming into A Lady

I am seventeen years old now. In my country, Indonesia, turning to 17 is usually be celebrated with a birthday party or dinner. Blowing that candle is like a sign that you are not a teenage anymore. It is one step closer to the real jungle world. Means that you should be more responsible with your own self and also keep surviving with every obstacle in your life 🙂

No more daddy’s little girl thingy, be mature. Blossoming into a Lady. yeah, i wanna grow up that way. I wanna be a butterfly which metamorphose perfectly then fly to anywhere.

Being a Lady doesn’t mean that you should dress classily or act like a princess, it is more from inside your heart. Do you remember the 3B from Miss Universe? Yeah those are brain, beauty, behaviour.

You should not have to be as smart as Einstein, yet it is more like open-minded, speak up and pay attention to the newest release. Last but not least, for me this is the most important, willingness to learn more and more everyday, as the Student of life.

Beauty comes from inside your heart, let your light shine. A lady likes to help people, certainly with a sincere heart 🙂 Your performance is also important. Don’t wear too much make up. You are pretty without any mask.

Don’t judge book by its cover. Yet, so many people still do that, so do i. I am trying to avoid that bad habit. Your attitude gives first impression to them. Logically, noone wants to know you more if you are not friendly with her but, don’t be hypocrite. Act like nothing happen to someone , yet you backstab her by letting out her secret, just be honest 🙂

* You may think that i am writting too much. But, this really is my vision about what kind of woman i wanna be. By using imagination, it makes yourself keep motivated.

This is the best..
As one who believe in Christ, I strongly adore Proverb 31 woman. She may not as amusing as Victoria’s Secret model, yet she is the portrait of Godly woman, who is relying everything to Him. Know how to be virtuous on doing every single thing, a tenderly caring mom and also toughtful-faithful wife 🙂

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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