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“Valentine’s Day kemana? Oh iya sih. Nggak punya pacar ya? Kasian.”
“Saknoe di rumah dewean. Nggak punya gandengan. Sama bantal guling, tidur.”

We know it. We know it. So stop joking about that. Because we have done it ourselves. lol. (There are some people that i know, who love to bully themselves)

                                                                               credits to tumblr 

Only the singles know how it actually feels. We don’t think of gift giving. We don’t plan any romantic dinner. We don’t buy new dress or watch make up tutorial. We don’t buy flower bouquet also.

But, that’s okay. We are still happy. We are not lonely. Seriously, we are not trying to entertain ourselves. It’s not a part of self-defense either. So, stop thinking that we think tomorrow, Valentine’s Day is a doom day. We are not that pathetic. 
I am writing this not because I am mad. I am not pissed off either. I am just concerning about the hot topic of the year years, being single.

It’s like being single or does not have any “close enough but not yet official” couple is something erroneous. It’s not literally like that though. Sometimes, people love to joke about that. Sometimes, people love to be sarcastic about that as well. Once again, I don’t buy those jokes.

What I am concern is the kids. My friends told me that her junior high school cousin start considering why she hasn’t got a boyfriend. “I need to find someone soon. I don’t want to spend Sad Sat night alone.”

Trust me. It’s not only her. There are still a lot of story which talk about same thing, same matter. We, who are mature enough know that it’s just a joke or sarcasm. But those little boys and girls don’t get it as a joke. I just can’t imagine there’s a new unwritten rule: If you don’t have boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re not cool. 

Can you imagine that one day your 12 years old nieces ask you and talk about why they have not had a boyfriend. For me, it would be a heart wrenching moments. The time you spent playing The Sims and how to develop the sims’ life, they would spend it thinking about some gloomy things. They would waste the ‘have fun’ time for considering something they should not think of yet. Well, that’s too bad.

Here’s the thing. Don’t take being in a relationship for granted. Being in a relationship is not something you should be proud to brag. Being single is better than being in a destructive relationship where too much things are sacrificed. 
When you’re ready, you will find that person in God’s perfect timing. Moreover, there are still a lot of things you can think about besides that S word. Such as: How do you see yourself in 5 years, something about your future. Know more about yourself. Dig into it. Learn more about you. Because in a relationship, there’s not only you, but also him/her. Are you ready for that? 
To all those singles, put yourself together and be happy. Tomorrow is still a lovely day. Have fun with your friends. Cheers for your journey on finding The One. Good luck! 
I am going to spend the V day, with the people I love. Yep, tomorrow is the Holly Matrimony of my sister in Christ. Yesterday, we threw a bridal shower surprise for her. Wishing the bride and groom all the best for their marriage.


                                        a glimpse of yesterday’s joy. I am not the bride, of course. XD

I write this post without disrespecting those who aren’t single. You guys are lucky to have found that one person to share your heart with.  Be grateful for each others. Make Valentine’s Day everyday your lovely day.
Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day people! XOXO 
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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