Be Content with Yourself First, Be In a Relationship Later. - Pamela Kahar
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Be Content with Yourself First, Be In a Relationship Later.

We meet a certain person, let say “that guy” by chance. We will never know. Or sometimes “that guy” that you’ve been searching for is right there around you. I guess it’s the right timing that make the person seems the right one. When is exactly the right timing? Well, since it’s in the future, which is the mother of unknown, I also don’t know when the right timing is. Maybe the so called right timing is when we are ready. 
Bringing the hottest topic in town (pardon my language lol) for ladies in the 20-ish, last year of University (guess my friends will message me right after they read this) called ‘relationship’ in the table, I always love a parable that I call love thank. Love tank itself represents ourselves. Each of us have one love tank. You have one, and your couple have one too. The problem is when we are not content with ourselves: we don’t understand about what we want, or who we are and we feel insecure with yourself or we simply don’t love our self that we don’t realize how we are actually worth it. When we aren’t content, our love tank isn’t full. 
If our love tank isn’t full, we’ll always expect that person to fill in our tank, simply to complete ourselves. When those two tanks combined, it won’t make two full tanks. Ours might be full, but his will be run out of liquid. Or it’s the other way around. That’s not good either. In the end, we won’t be happy with our relationship. It’s no longer sweet simple thing but it becomes burdensome. 
Our relationship with boyfriend can make us happy. Our relationship can make us feel secure for a while (noted that “for a while” is a temporary being). But, it can’t make us feel content. I’ve learnt that we shouldn’t let anyone else to take control of our happiness. When we start to expect that person to bring us happiness or simply to complete ourselves, that’s the beginning of mutual destruction. Once our expectation is met, we unconsciously set higher expectation. That person isn’t perfect. He cannot always meet our expectation. Once they fail to fulfill our expectation, we’ll be miserable, disappointed, hurt, etc. To be just, it’s never their responsibility to meet our expectation in the first place. That’s not the relationship that we all want, right? We want a relationship where we can be ourselves, where we can support each other, without any pressure to be perfect for each other.
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In the end, I believe that the only one who can make us feel content is God. He can fill our emptiness when no one else couldn’t. He can heal our insecurities when we rely on Him. He won’t just meet our expectation, yet he’ll go beyond that. All we need to do is stay expectant to Him and be faithful to His promise. Be faithful that He’ll also give the right person to us at the right time, when we are ready, when we are content with ourselves and Him. 
Now the question is, is our love tank full enough? 
Looks like we have a question to think about before we say good night. 
Pamela Kahar
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A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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