#AtoZofLife - Zion - Pamela Kahar
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#AtoZofLife – Zion

Zion is actually the last word that I can think of when I write #AtoZofLife. Like I’ve been asking myself “OMG! What word starts with Z” for so many times. Then, I found this word ‘Zion’. Zion is actually a name that comes from the Bible that is used to represent Jerusalem. Zion can also be interpreted as a state of peacefulness in our life, place of refuge, sanctuary, as it is in heaven.
It might be ordered in the last alphabet, yet somehow I think that it is actually our basic necessities. It is something that we cannot stand to lose. If we had no peace inside our life, how would we live our life? If we had no shelter, how should we survive the challenges? Where would we go?

As I end this #AtoZofLife, I declare that my Zion is Him. My prince of peace, my shelter and The One that I cannot stand to lose. I do believe your Zion is Him too. It’s just a matter of the timing when we are going to find out about it. It’s never too late to mend your relationship with Him again. And once you’ve found it, there’s no turning back, because you just don’t want to lose Him anymore. Just like a circle, it starts from one dot and end at the same dot. Zion is the beginning and the end of our journey. It is the key of our life. It’s the first thing we need to find in our journey to live life to the fullest. Good luck people!
Questions to self?
1. Do you have peace inside your heart? Or there’s something that bickers you?
2.  Have you found your Zion?
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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