#AtoZofLife - Uneasiness - Pamela Kahar
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#AtoZofLife – Uneasiness

Everyone, uneasiness is the synonym of fear or anxiety. Call me as cheating, but yeah I don’t know the other U noun and at the same time, I know I have to write about fear. Each every one of us has the fear inside our heart. I believe that some of us already overcome it and some of us are still struggling and trapped inside the prison of fear. 
The topic of fear itself is often to be used as a sermon’s topic. I still remember what the pastor said during the sermon. I remember it clearly until now, because it was shocking, surprising, and unpredictable or whatever you call it.
85% of what we fear about NEVER happens. It never happens. The surprise does not end there yet, 97% of what we worry is just part of an exaggeration. We actually could handle 79% of those 15% fear that happens (Huffington Post, 2015).

We fear what we haven’t seen. We are bounded with the thoughts of “What if?” What if I could not get a job that I like? What if I’d be single until I’m 35? What if I couldn’t be successful?
None of us knows what will happen in the future, not even ten minutes after you read this post. The way to handle fear is with faith. Have faith and pray that everything’s gonna be alright and if something happens, we CAN handle it. The moment we feel fears dwells inside our heart, let’s take it as a reminder. A reminder to put more attention in some areas of our life. However, don’t let fear deprive us. Don’t let fear prohibit you from dreaming.
Question to self:

1.      What is your biggest fear? Is it your job, health or love life? 
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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