#AtoZofLife - Season - Pamela Kahar
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#AtoZofLife – Season

Let’s imagine that Indonesia has four seasons? From spring, summer, autumn to winter which one is your favorite? For me it’s spring. I simply fall in love with the beauty of its cherry blossom. I was captivated with it, the smell, the texture, and the color are just amazing. Spring is exciting. But the weeks before, the transition from winter to spring was a nightmare. The weather was changing like crazy from noon to night. Suddenly it’s windy and the next day is raining.

When I look around to my surrounding which was full with cherry blossom, the long and winding road that I have passed before it’s finally spring was worth it. It took us weeks, or if we count it from the beginning, it took us 9 months to finally sense the smell of spring.
Just like our life. There’s always a season in life. All of us are looking forward to our favorite season, the Harvest time. But then, there are a lot of challenges that we need to withstand first. Be it the challenges from our environment or from our heart.
We cannot enjoy spring forever. A season is just a season, it will be gone after certain period of times. Then summer, autumn, and winter come after. We don’t know what those seasons bring. One thing for sure, even if those seasons give you hard time, it shall pass after several months. And spring will come again 🙂

Questions for self:
1. When was your hardest season? And how could you overcome it?
2. Are you currently in spring season? Even if now is not your spring season, yours will come soon.  
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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