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#AtoZofLife – eX

Dearest readers, let’s have some #throwback moment. Will it be weird if we talk about our X? First thing first, If you are currently in a relationship, don’t get swoon away with this topic 😉 Some of us still in a good term after we broke up. Some of us are not. I have a friend who is still admiring her Ex, I can see it through her eyes every time she talks about him. I have a friend who doesn’t want to bring that topic on the table. Regardless of that, let’s walk down that memory lane. 

Do you still remember why you broke up? This time, don’t think about his/her mistake, but ours. As we now have a clearer mind and no hard feeling, let us reflect about it. We, humans tend to pin point to others. We barely think of our mistakes during circumstances. We think that he/she hurt us yet we might have hurt that person too. I do believe, most of us wouldn’t think of our mistakes at that time, yet we blamed our ex. I am not inviting us to blame ourselves or regret our past. I do invite us to learn from our mistakes. Maybe we were overprotective. Maybe we were too demanding, jealous or inconsiderate. Let’s not repeat that mistakes again this time.

Question to self:
1.  Why did you break up with your ex?
2. What is your commitment to becoming a better person for your couple?
Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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