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They say the older you are the more you realize you’ve grown into someone else. You’ve changed a little bit, at least. What do you think? I am partly agree with that. I feel like I am more of a thinker than spontaneous, bubbly girl I was. For example: when I reminisce series of event that happened in my past, there are something I wish I have done differently. When I do, I keep thinking of what if I did something the other way around, what would be the impact in my life? Saying that I regret some of my decisions is much of exaggeration. I’d rather put it as an advice to my younger self.

So, here are the lesson learnt:

  1. Live freely, don’t think too much of what people say.

Great man say who mind doesn’t matter, who don’t mind matter. I used to spend much of my time thinking of what other people think about me. I put much consideration on what they think of when I had to make any decision. Who matters most is actually the one you see in front of the mirror. The older we are, the smaller our circle. The more we know who the genuine ones are. Lesson learnt taken, there’s no point of pleasing other, for we are not born for that purpose.

  1. Be brave to let things go

I was afraid of breaking up. Thinking about it makes my heart beat faster, not in a good way for sure. It’s the least thing I have on my mind. I kept holding on my relationship. I kept on making excuse and lying to myself that everything’s alright. I was in a position where it’s hard to move on with him yet it’s also hard to move on without him. Till one day, I had no choice, I had to break up. Turns out, I was okay. I learn that sometimes it’s more painful holding on dysfunctional relationship than letting it go. Letting go hurts you straight at the beginning, that’s it. Holding on something you doubt won’t last forever costs you hurtful feelings and essentially, times that you cannot restore. Our world doesn’t end when we break up. Indeed, it’s just another beginning.

  1. Assume less.

“Assumption is a mother of screw up.” That’s what my lecturer said. At that time I only applied that principle on finance and number related stuff. Indeed, it has to be our life principle. When there’s something unclear, we often jump directly into conclusion because we’re just too afraid to ask. If we don’t fully understand the situation, how could we say that she’s the b*tch? If we don’t try to see things clearly, there will always be misunderstanding.

Are we going to conclude something based on things which facts we are not even sure? Other than taking the positive vibes from us, assuming negatively about other person makes us feel uneasy too, right? Worse than that, sometimes we forget to concern other people’s feeling. It hurts to be assumed wrongly. I would have learn not to judge what they did, but think further to why they did what they did.

Any decision we made bring us to whoever we are right now. And we survive, right? There’s no need to regret our decision back then, for it is now a previous chapter of the book God has written for us. If you are now still regretting the decision you made, don’t be. I am not trying to comfort you but, there’s no right or wrong decision, and the choice you made was the best one for you at that time, given that situation. I hope you found this post as pleasant read of lesson learnt.  Stay radiating your beautiful soul!

Pamela Kahar
[email protected]

A woman who is blessed to be a blessing. A marketer who reads and writes.

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